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Dr. Simona Caster

© FOTO: Petru IvuOrthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Simona Caster graduated the Faculty of Dentistry from “Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy” in Bucharest in 1997, and over the years he participated in various congresses and courses of specialization in the country and abroad, such as:

  • „Oral appliance therapy in Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome OSAS”, Prof. Dr. Mark Braem, mai 2018, Bucharest
  • Certificate of Achievement – “STRAIGHT WIRE Technique – 2 YEARS ADVANCED ORTHODONTICS PROGRAM”, Dr. David Mirabella, President of the Italian Academy of Orthodontics, July 2013 – November 2014
  • Certificate of Achievement “Orthodontic Treatment Strategies in Mixed Dentition”, Oct. 2016, Bucharest
  • “The Fourth World Congress of Francophonie in Orthodontics” – Bucharest
  • “Orthodontic Treatment – Systematization and Efficiency” – Prof. Dr. Richard P. McLaughlin
  • “Modern techniques for approaching the interdisciplinary orthodontic treatment” Bucharest,
  • “Straight wire technique I”, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gruner, Bucharest
  • Dental course under general anesthesia approved by the Ministry of Health, Tel-Aviv, Dr. Dvora Swartz
  • Finishing course “Physiological fillings on posterior teeth” Haifa, Israel, Dr. Moshe Fligman
  • Practical and theoretical dental treatment course under inhalation with Porter-MXR, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Dr. M. Findeler
  • Course: “Biomechanics in Class II abnormalities”.
  • Modern orthodontic treatment in extraction and end-of-life cases “, Prof. Dr. Gerald Samson
  • “Mastering Cephalometrics” hands-on Prof. Dr. Gerald Samson,
  • “Miofunctional Influence on Facial Growth in Primary, Mixed and Permanent Dentition” Dr.Niels Hulsink
  • “Improving Orthodontic Treatment,” Prof. Dr. John Bennett
  • “Controlling a single tooth, arcade and soft tissues using mini-implants” Prof. Dr. Kee-Joon Lee
  • “Orthognatical Surgery – Occlusion and More Than It” Prof. Dr. Johan Reyneke