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Dr. Roxana Dinescu

Dr. Roxana Dinescu sitePediatric Dentistry

Dr. Roxana Dinescu is a graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at UMF Bucharest and joined the DENT ESTET 4 KIDS team in 2014. From the desire to complete her professional knowledge, Dr. Dinescu has participated in numerous international courses and congresses.

  • “Therapeutic Protocols in Pediatric Dentistry”, Prof. Dr. Rodica Luca, May 2015. Symposium organized by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Tîrgu Mureş and the National Association of Pediatric Dentistry in Romania
  • EZ PEDO Certified Provider for Pediatric Zirconia Crowns, June 2015, Bucharest
  • UNAS International Congress 8th Edition, October 8-14, 2014, Bucharest, Romania
  • Hands-on Cosmedent, lecture by Prof. Dr. Bennett Cochran, Bucharest, 2015
  • “Mio-Functional Therapy and Orthodontics”, Prof. Dr. Mariana Păcurar, Bucharest, December 2014
  • “Training course of the MRC appliance program”, Niels Hulsink, Bucharest, November 2014
  • “Updates in Pediatric Dentistry”, Dr. Paddy Fleming, Dr. Rodica Luca, Bucharest, November 2014
  • “Hypomineralization of incisors and molars (MIH), Dr. David Manton, Bucharest, October 2014
  • Congress of the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Poland, June 2014
  • “Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Dentistry”, Christian Wunsch, Bucharest, April 2014
  • “Medical Thought in the Current Therapeutic Approach to Dental Disorders”, Bucharest, 2013
  • “Evaluation of malpractice, increasing the quality of the medical act”, Bucharest, 2013
  • “International Congress of Dental Aesthetics”, Bucharest, 2013
  • “Update in complete ceramic restorations”, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Prosthetic Treatment of Tooths with Advanced Destruction”, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Heated gutta-percha. Semi-indirect and indirect adhesive techniques vs. Direct techniques in dental aesthetic restorations “, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Adherence Restoration by Direct Techniques of Coronary Cortical Morphology to Side Teeth”, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Natural stratification techniques from simple to complex to obtain invisible frontal restorations”, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Ergonomics, Prevention and Management in Dental Medicine by Aligning to European Standards”, Bucharest, 2012
  • “Ridge Preservation Technique: How to prevent bone resorption after tooth removal”; Bucharest, 2011
  • “Rotating Instrumentation of Root Channels with the Twisted File System”, Bucharest, 2011
  • “EDSA Congress”, Bucharest, 2011