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Thank you for choosing our team at DENT ESTET 4 KIDS to care for your child’s smile.

With an 8 years experience in pediatric dentistry and child communication strategies, our doctors and other personnel will make sure that your child’s Happy Visit will indeed be happy, fun and educational.

The first visit to the dentist


Generally, the first visit is shorter and involves a careful examination of the child’s teeth, identification of dental issues and the scheduling of an individual treatment plan. Since it is highly important to create a beautiful relationship with the little ones, during the first visit the child will get familiarized with the ambiance, his doctor and the personnel of the clinic.

At what age should the first visit to the dentist take place?

Specialists recommend that the child’s first visit to the dentist should take place around his first anniversary, or 6 months after the emergence of the first temporary (milk) tooth.

What happens during the first visit?

- We will take together a tour of the clinic, so that the child can relax and feel comfortable when he notices he finds himself in a place that’s perfectly designed for him.

- We will count the teeth together
- We will learn the correct brushing techniques
- We will color our favorite toothbrush
- We will play on the dental chair while the doctor explains various procedures using the Tell-Show-Do Technique

This way your child will stop feeling anxious, but comfortable even at the first visit and will be able to build a trustful relationship with his dentist.

Most of the times, the parent will be asked to wait downstairs – in the waiting room –during the first part of the visit, since this helps consolidate the relationship between the child and the dentist.

Some of the topics the dentist would want to discuss with you:

– Advice for an adequate oral hygiene of the child’s teeth and gums
– Prevention of dental lesions
– Fluoridation
– Bad habits which can affect oral health
– Phases of tooth-development
– Dentition
– Diet
– The importance of dental check-ups, twice a year. These visits have the purpose to prevent cavities and to monitor the teeth-evolution, and also to enhance the child’s comfort and trust during visits to the dentist.

To help you save some time, we hereby make available the patient’s clinical sheet which you can download and fill in right now. Please do not forget to bring the sheet when you come for the first appointment.

Download the Patient’s Clinical Sheet (.pdf, 724kB)
Download the Patient’s Clinical Sheet (.doc, 328kB)

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