DENT ESTET 4 KIDS is the only dental clinic in Romania and Eastern Europe exclusively dedicated to children.

A place dedicated to children

DENT ESTET 4 KIDS gathers the best pediatric dentists, specialized anesthesiologists trained in medium and deep relaxation techniques, psychologists and infant psychiatry specialists, along with friendly personnel trained in child communication.poza1 Each treatment room is designed and decorated in a fairy tale setup that kids love. There is one playground of 70 square meters filled with games, books and toys and a psychological counseling practice with child psychology and parenting specialized personnel.

Multidisciplinary team

We have gathered the best pediatric dentists. They periodically attend training sessions and seminars in the country and abroad, continuously preparing themselves to provide children with the most advanced services and medical care.

The only AIC Department (Anesthesia and Intensive Care) in a dental clinic

Because a child’s experience on a dental chair should be as relaxing as possible, we use the latest anesthesia techniques: Funny Gas (inhalation sedation) or Sleepy 4 KIDS (general anesthesia monitored by our specialized anesthesiologists).

Over 20.000 happy patients

The care for our little patients is our priority, and our service quality is a steadfast ingredient of our daily activity. The whole team of specialists and our top services recommend and keep us as the top dental clinic preferred by families in the whole country who have chosen the services of DENT ESTET 4 KIDS.

Psychological counseling for children and parents

happyChildren who fear the dentist can overcome these issues with the help of our psychological counseling specialists. We welcome you and your child to our psychological counseling room, where children and parents can talk to our specialists.

Educational programs

As market leader in dental services in Romania, we don’t only offer services of best standards, but also take the stand to inform and educate parents and children in the matters of dental health.
“Raising healthy smiles” is the largest educational program in Romania aimed to children between 3 and 6 years of age.
“Dental Care Parenting” is a free workshop where our specialists offer parents and children the necessary information for maintaining a healthy dental condition of the little ones and for their wholesome growth.

Happy Visit

psihoSince our main goal is the children’s safety and comfort, we have created the unique concept of Happy Visit. Hence, the first visit to the dentist is in fact a free session, where the children meet the Tooth Fairy, get used to the environment, meet our friendly personnel and learn how to correctly brush their teeth.

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